NIBL Notes from Sunny Cancun

Dec 23, 1999... Denise Klisz

In the wake of a new millenium, the times have changed from West Chicago and Aruba male domination to what we women call the new frontier of cock-blocking. Whether you're going to be smothered in cleavage (ask West Chicago how nice it is) or being eaten like a tasty small poodle from the south Philippines, the women of this weak basketball league are already bored with the various thongs, tools, vermin and beaters from this male dominated (at the bottom that is) league.

We request an all female league or at least a female co-commissioner next year to replace either that clown who drafted Hakeem before Abdur-rahim (must of been confused by those challenging last names or that funky rhyme pattern) or the tool who every year picks Googs, when other fine young sexy athletes are always available.

So long for now boys of this league, I will leave you another nice and up-lifting message in the new millenium as Denise #1 and I battle for home court advantage and to see which one of us gets to destroy West Chicago in the finals and make that lovely plaque read Denise twice in 3 years.