Dec 30, 1999... Danny Bruessel

Greetings from sunny(and hot!) Diablo, CA,

It's two days from the year 2000 and I just can't wait.  Why?  It's the year of the Spawn, that's why.  Armageddon, looting, pillaging.  It will all be for the Spawn.  This is the year that the Spawn takes the West.  Who is there to challenge me?

Joliet?  They'll tank just like last year.  And  that 400 points was all luck.  Do we get free tacos or something?

West Chicago?  They are DONE.  The team doesn't look as good as last year, huh?

Santa Fe?  A joke.  So much smack talk, so little talent.

Walla is crazy.  Mourning over Garnett?  Are you high?

Shorewood will go as far as the ankles of Patrick Ewing will take them.

Elk Grove?  dead horse.

That just leaves the Spawn.  Was there any doubt?

By the way, if you say anything about my 4-3 record all I have to say is that was 1999, this is Y2Spawn.