Notes from a West Chicago Courthouse

Jan 5, 2000... Don Fenton, Jr.

Notes from West Chicago courthouse pending bail on alleged wife beating charges.

As I await my acquittal, I have to thank the wiz kid Danny from Diablow for jinxing his chances of overtaking the mighty (?) beaters. Every year Danny stays near the top until he shoots his mouth off and the tumble begins. So on behalf of the entire Western Conference, I would like to thank the whiz kid for opening his trap so early in the season. That's 2 western conference teams now off the map, sorry Dead Grove, but you actually never made the map (thanks for the NEXTEL purchase, I'll be spending my commission on the lovely girls of porn in Vegas this weekend, sorry Cancun).

So in closing, A BIG WEST CHICAGO BITCH SLAP TO DIABLOW AND THOSE POWERHOUSE STARTERS, MOBLEY AND CEBALLOS. My team is not that great this year, that what happens when you win the flipping league and have to pick last, but thanks to Isiah Rider's mental problems I still should win the West..... And if not....GO CLEAVAGE!!!!!! Ummm cleavage.