Victory... and Celibacy

Feb 11, 2000... Bill Krieger

Quote of the Day

"I'm supporting Bill Bradley for President... shouldn't you"

- M Jordan


Week 15... the grass is blue, the sky green:

  • Cellar-dweller Four Lakes pounded Santa Fe below the 500 mark with a 305-273 beating. When asked about Four Lakes' potent victory over Santa Fe, owner Bill Sullivan replied "I really don't like New Mexico... I don't know why."

  • Speaking of a pounding, Eastern front-runner Manila was shellacked by Walla Walla this week by 40 nibls. Manila superman Kevin Garnett was a mere mortal this week with a 69 nibl performance. Walla Walla owner Paul Bailey was asked about the especially viscious beating of the DogEaters and their enigmatic leader Denise Bruessel... "I really don't like women... I don't know why. Hey wait, that didn't come out right... ummm"

  • Napa Valley's hopes and dreams of climbing atop the Eastern Conference were slapped back by Shorewood 340-266. After a rash of injuries, Shorewood is firing on all cylinders. shorewood co-owner Jack Evans commented on his current winning streak, "I like New Mexico and women. Why not?"

And finally, regarding our headline this week: "Victory... and Celibacy"... I present our intra-relationship battle of the week. West Chicago stuck it to his girlfriend, the league-leading Cancun Cleavage by a score of 338-232. While Cancun owner Denise Klitz was unavailable for comment, Don Fenton was ecstatic over the surprise victory. Apparently, Don plastered Denise with "a barrage of sticky notes" exalting his victory. These notes inlcuded tiny message such as:

"I don't lose to women, I beat them"
"I am king"
"You lose, I rule"
"I love Raef LaFrentz"
"Yet another wife-beating"
"Cancun sucks (me)"
"Your cleavage ain't that good"
"You can't hold my jock"

It seems to this observer, that Don Fenton's victory may be short-lived as he plunges himself into self-imposed celibacy with all his gloating. So, it was an interesting, chaotic week... 3 of the 4 top teams in the east win and Don Fenton chooses fantasy basketball victory over sex. Film at eleven.

NIBL All-Star Team

Give it up (no not you, Cancun) for the NIBL All-Star team...

The 2000 NIBL All-Star Team
Pos Player Team Nibls
F T Duncan (Sas) Shakopee 1,144
F C Webber (Sac) Shorewood 1,100
C S O'Neal (Lal) Diablo 1,312
G M Finley (Dal) Joliet 1,021
G G Payton (Sea) Joliet 991

The NIBL All-Star team is a lot less surprising than the results of week 15. I mean, Duncan, Webber, and Shaq are no surprise, right? Gary Payton was the 8th pick and shouldn't shock anyone. That leaves Michael Finley as the shocker of the league so far this year; he was taken in the 3rd round of the draft. This selection gives Joliet an all-star backcourt of Finley and Payton. The last team to field two all-stars in the backcourt was that 1999 West Chicago team with Payton and Iverson. Of course, West Chicago went on to win the whole enchilada last year. I don't, however, see Michael Finley getting a lot of playoff time, so we shall see.

The 2nd team All-Stars include: Karl Malone, Kevin Garnett, Alonzo Mourning, Jason Kidd, and Vince Carter. Of these, Vince Carter is the only player not taken in the 1st round. He was, however, an early 2nd rounder... and he's our feature photo above (Rose needs a rest, we wore her out...he he).

Finally, on a personal note, you can checkout some newly-posted pictures of "the boy"... Tyger Krieger at:

It's great fun for the whole family. Huh?

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