Alright, fine

Feb 14, 2000... Danny Bruessel

The league is against me.  From the obviously biased Commisioner on down to the bitchy Wife-Beaters.  Despite the bad press, the injuries, the Vernon Maxwell/Baron Davis fiasco, the Diablo Spawn rise to the top of the West and just a few ppg out of the best team in the NIBL.  How did we do it?  Well, here's the story, straight from the man himself.

The season began pretty bleak for the Spawn.  With an 0-2 start, all the other teams and even the crooked and biased commissioner wrote us off.  Even after our first victory, there was virtually no mention of the Spawn, except jeers and "Big Bitch Slaps."  Since then we've gone on a 9-2 tear, dismantling most of the teams in the NIBL.  Our only losses came in a Shenanigan filled game where Antawn Jamison somehow managed to score over 100, and a lucky game from the Wife-Beaters where the Spawn underacheived.

Over the past two weeks we have taken the top spot in the West and there was virtually no mention of it.  No mention of the second tie game in NIBL history, where the Spawn dislodged the top seeded  Manila Dog-Eaters from the East.  No mention of a HUGE 135 point blowout over Aruba.  I wonder why.

It seems the only people praising the hottest team in the league are the Spawn themselves.

By the way Aruba,


Postscript from you faithful Commissioner...

I usually leave NIBL notes written by others alone, unedited.

However, since Danny asks me a specific question in his diatribe, I will oblige.

My "daddy" is the old man running that Elk Grove team into the ground.

There are some who call him... "Moz".