Bill for President

Feb 21, 2000... Bill Krieger


Many may not know this, but Latrell Sprewell has a lot of connections to people in the NIBL. So, I'd like to dedicate the "Spree" picture at the top of the page this week to:

  • Vegas Tommy - because he loves Spree

  • The Walla Walla brothers - because they drafted Sprewell

  • Diablow Danny - because he drafted Spree last year when he stunk

  • Cap City Johnny - because he also once choked PJ Calisimo

  • Napa Valley Eric - because he prefers a two-handed behind-the-head dunk like this when he plays basketball

  • Cancun Denise - becasue she dated Spree prior to her relationship with West Chicago Don Fenton

  • West Chicago Don Fenton - becasue he also dated Spree prior to his relationship with Cancun

Quote of the Day

"I'm supporting Bill Bradley for President... shouldn't you"

- M Jordan


I'm "Da"...

When do I play Elk Grove again?

yow, bill

PS - Can't leave this out... Diablo won last week.