Smack-full Note

Mar 8, 2000... Don & Denise Fenton

Well what can we say, both of us holding on to playoff spots and yet we still have time to write more notes.  You'd think Vegas Tom, Napa Eric,Santa Fe BJ and Shakopee Steve would be so bored with their teams that theywould be writing NIBL notes all the time!

Denise and I decided to write more notes just so we wouldn't have to listen to Diablow Danny whine about not being praised each week.  Danny- here's my praise- right to commissioner Bill for scheduling your bye-week when Shaq puts up 87 in one game!  Way togo Bill, Cancun thanks you for keeping her record alive.

By the way did I demand praise and recognition while I dominated this silly league for 2years? Didn't think so, In fact I took a whole hell of alot abuse during my domination. By the way F Walla Walla, I'm tired of having my worst weeksof my NIBL career against them. Yes, I'm still bitter about the whole Steve Smith playofff thing from 2 years ago.

Oh yeah, while I'm at it, F Tom andCliff (The Stiff) Robinson, who scored more in 1 game against me than Bill Krieger did at the Admiral last night. Sorry you missed it Moz, your kid was the oldest sap in attendance, the honeys flocked right to him,SugarDaddy! We did see some excellent piercing also. Ouch. I'm not talkingabout ears.

My lovely and talented partner in crime would like an apology from everyone who snickered(I already said mine) when she picked Vince Carter in the 2nd round. Carter, Malone, Christie and Camby in the playoffs watch out Raimondo's!

Speaking of playoffs I should do just fine againstDiablow, as long as the Grizzlie makes it (oops)! Bill and I have a little bet going also, that I won't make the playoffs, I guess Bill needs something to root for this year. YOW!

Well hopefully this smack-full note will gathersome responses from our silent owners out there, Do you really want to listen to Danny bitch some more?

Love,Beaters and Cleavage

PS- Johnny Rai- did you get offered the Detroit coaching job? Your the onlyfool who likes that damn team.