Newbie Notes

Mar 9, 2000... BJ Tucker

Well, being a newbie in this league this year really taught has taught me a lot.

First, you can miss a deadline and not be penalized.  That's something I'm going to have to ride out the final days of my college life and on into my civilian life.

I also learned that when drafting a team, they should be competitive.  Granted, I have beat a couple top teams, but I like to call it dumb luck.  It's gone for and against me all year, and has me hovering around .500.

Third, picking up Tyrone Hill and having him go on the injured list two days later is definitely not cool, nor funny (though I did chuckle when I saw it yesterday when I was telling myself to start anybody except Scottie Pippen from now on).

So, it's official, my backup frontcourt is entirely injured, though the momentous comeback of Shawn Elliot is slated for next Tuesday or so, and Jayson Williams just got cleared to resume full contact practice.  Hell, maybe he'll get to play.  I don't know.  Anyhow, it's been a great time getting to see just how inconsistent, erratic, streaky, you name it, NBA players really are.

I'm just ready now for luck to go my way a bit (You teams gotta start scoring less, I do have the 2nd most points scored against me, and though Diablo's first, it doesn't even matter over in Fu country) and make a run at the title since I'm not mathematically out.  On second thought, looking at my lineup, I may be already eliminated.

One final note, what's up with the eastern conference sucking?  Hell, I could feasibly win that one.

Peace out,

The Snifted One