Walla Notes Walla

Mar 13, 2000... The Bailey Boys

Well we started off our season with another crappy draft, rounds 3/5/6/7/8/10 either dropped or riding the bench. Our fault. We can admit this and not blame it on supernatural acts, crappy luck, NBA owners, player laziness as some NIBL owners do.

We started the long WALKer to the playoffs in good spirits but after dropping six games we were in a state of MOURNING. Looking up from the bottom of this cold and dark spreWELL we saw a murRAY of hope! Walla now feels that after our win over west chi. We may end up smelling like a ROSE.

And now to the shit talk. We in Walla land don't talk shit because of saying "Man who talks crap, is speaking out of ass." We can't figure why some teams are pissed about their players not playing up against us. We believe there is now a pill on the market for this problem. Maybe not a player problem, maybe owner problem. Poor lineup from West Chi. leads to defeat. As you are falling from above, it was great to pass you on our way up. If we make the playoffs you will not have to worry about a sweep.And who gives a crap what you have done the past two years. Those who live in past, will be looking at others ass.

Our biggest fear is that we will lose this week to Elk Grove!