Weaknesses of the League

Mar 16, 2000... M. Jess Jackson

Preface: This unsolicitied email arrived at NIBL intergalactic headquarters last weekend, and I had to post it (it's real, I swear).

This may be the funnest shit I've ever read.

- yow, bill

Dear Owners,

I have studied your league intently and I have found many things that are done well...I will not enumerate them; however, I thought that I would mention those aspects of the league that seemed less satisfying:

  1. the playoff format is absurd.  the regular season must end earlier.  this stuff about re-drafting for the playoffs and losing half your team DURING the NBA playoffs is monumentally dumb.  just admit that it was a poor system and end the season in the middle of April.
  2. the scores.  OK, I know, for you guys it's ok that they are 312-189, but not to the general public....the scores look bizarre and unpleasant...the original plan of splitting scores was a GOOD IDEA....go back to it
  3. the team names.  They need work.  First of all, the league looks dumb when you allow people to have teams in cities of such disparate sizes and locations with such idiotic names....You basically should have either, all Chicago area names, or names derived from US cities, or International names, but not the random assortment that you have now.  The best team names are: West Chicago Women (go back to THAT name), Aruba Thong, and Capital City Tools isnt bad...the rest of the names are not very inventive...

Otherwise, the league is in good shape.


M. Jess Jackson ( MJack514@aol.com )San Francisco

Aftermath: Dang, that's funny. This dude seems to have a better handle on the rules than Johnny Rai and I do, eh.


- yow, bill