Some 'Splainin

March 24, 2000... Danny Bruessel

Preface, again: A rebuttal to the "Weaknesses of the League" email below from Diablo Danny, the NIBL's youngest and whackiest (?) owner

- yow, bill

Lemme 'splain

1.  There are many good, no, great reasons that the geniuses of "Crooked" Bill "Fresh Legs" Kreiger and John "Bad Knees" Raimondo came up with eliminating players that don't make the NBA playoffs.  If you are smart and lucky enough to draft the top players from the contenders, i.e. Shaq and Kobe, you have a better chance of going into the post season as a contender for the NIBL championship than if you draft a team of busters who get numbers on losing teams like Kemp, Marbury, etc.  Plus, you get Don "Luke Shittalker" Fenton rooting for the Magic to kick the crap out of the Bucks so his highest playoff scorer isn't a scrub like DC.  GO BUCKS!

2.  We don't want to wake up on a sunday morning after a long night of mixing pharmaceuticals and booze to do math.  Addition is hard enough.  Now you want us to do division?  And then rounding?  Why don't you just come over and hit me in the head with a shovel?

3.  The team owners make up their own names.  Some of us make these names up as inside jokes, some of them we think sound cool, some of them are just stupid.  Who cares?

I know I didn't have to defend our beloved and elite league, but I needed an excuse to try and give Don Fenton the new nickname.  I like it.  I think it fits.

The Diablo (a California town that is named after the Spanish word for Satan) Spawn.  Why do I even need to explain?

PS - Hey, if you post my notes please add this for Eric Schoonovers pleasure - DON FENTON IS GAY.