Walla woe... Cap shitty

April 3, 2000... Bill Krieger

The playoff hopes of two teams took it on the chin last week. Walla Walla had a shot at second place Joliet and got walloped by 50. This prompt the following email from Joliet Tim... affectionatelty known as "The best of the best":

Well i guess the best of the best has spanked the rest, walla walla pee pees has but all been beat buy the best now for the rest. I will win all but my last game of the regular season only because i must play my whole roster witch means i play the last game with a weak line up. BUT fear not i will win it all.

signed.....the best of the best.

Excellent. Walla's loss eliminated them from playoff consideration this year.

The Cap City story is slightly different but equally woeful. Cap City (12-7) dropped their game with lowly Four Lakes (7-12) last week 300-279, really hurting our (men, that is) chances of averting an all-female playoffs in the East. David Robinson popped for 90 nibls and Cap City's Detroit juggernaut derailed.

As for the rest of the playoffs... Diablo's magic number is one. A victory over Santa Fe this week will put Diablo (15-4) into the playoffs. Also, West Chicago (12-7) must beat Joliet this week to keep the Byrds from clinching the other spot in the West.

In the East, Cap City is all that stand between Cancun and Manila (both teams are 14-5) clinching their playoff spots. If Cancun beats Cap City this week, then both Cancun and Manila are in.

Bottom line: the last two weeks of the regular season are probably for naught. The only thing that may be left to determine is home court for the playoffs between Cancun/Manila and Diablo/Joliet. Is this good or bad? I don't know, but with 4 victories in my teams column for the year, I've been living on new Rose McGowan pictures and colorful backgrounds for a while anyway.

I guess next week's notes may very well consider the playoff rosters of the four playoff teams, but we shall see...

yow, bill

PS - Go Cubs! www.cubs.com

PPS - Dang, I almost forgot... I want to acknowledge and express my appreciation for all the email support I received across the league regarding my pro-homo stance in last week's notes. Thank you! To West Chicago Don... I also thank you, but please I don't need you to send me any more photos or links to gay web sites. Peace out, my gay brothers!