Aruba, Vegas Win!

April 17, 2000... Bill Krieger

Aruba shocked the hapless (and playoff-bound) Manila Dogeaters this week 309-282. The unexpected victory seems to have set off a war of words in this heated East Coast rivalry.

"He's a fucking punk," exclaimed head DogEater Denise Raimondo. "I would have kicked his ass if I hadn't played Kevin Willis. Shit, he's not even going to the playoffs, and I have to watch this buster do a jig over one regular season win... what a joke."

"She's just jealous," responded Thong despot Bill Krieger. "I guess I got in her face, but damn I predicted that I would slap her around, and I did. What's wrong with that? By the way, why does everything that girl say start with the F word?"

Mrs. Raimondo added this final exclamation point: "Fuck him... I'm going to win this fucking league twice and gay Bill's chirping at 5-16. Dick."

The Vegas Vermin, Aruba's companion at the bottom of the Eastern conference standings, also shocked Cap City with a win this week.

Quote of the Day

"Chad Pennington is the 6th best player in this draft."

- Doofus on ESPN NFL draft show (Pennington dropped to 19th)

Oh yeah, the playoffs

I guess that Aruba-related headline was a bit self-serving, but oh well, back to gut-wrenching reality...

Joliet clinched the last spot in the playoffs with a squeeker 287-279 win over Shorewood. So, the playoffs will be:

Eastern Conference Championship

Cancun vs. Manila


Western Conference Championship

Diablo vs. Joliet

Diablo is the number one seed in the West. Manila needs to beat Cancun by 69 nibls to win their tiebreaker (the girls are catfighting this week), otherwise Cancun will hold the tiebreaker.

Just FYI, there will be a two-round player draft for these winners to fill out their roster for the NIBL playoffs. The order of the draft will be announced Thursday when te seeding is determined. Then Saturday, the NIBL playoffs begin!

yow, bill

PS - WAIT! This jab just in from Joliet Tim, you know him as "The Best of the Best"...

STEP ONE west shitcago is out the playoffs

STEP TWO depisssblow will be next to go

STEP THREE villy manily or corny cancun will go back to the kicthen leave the BEST OF THE BEST to win he rest.

i love you all uuuuummmmmm  kiss

Now, that sounds like a man with a plan!

PPS - All the old notes, backgrounds and pictures are now at the "archives" link above. Wrapping up this season, eh.