Let's Get It On!

April 20, 2000... Bill Krieger

Film Review of the Day

"It's the Citizen Kane of Alcoholic Clown Movies"

- Movie review of the "Shakes the Clown" DVD

Wicked Witches of the East

In the East, it's an old-fashioned girl fight...

Eastern Conference Championship

Cancun Cleavage (17-5)

owner: Denise Klisz


Manila DogEaters (15-7)

owner: Denise Raimondo

Geez, it was a beautiful October afternoon... remember? Draft day. I can recall sitting on my porch with a couple of other owners who shall go nameless... Shit, we were laughing and cracking up about the crazy shit that the girls (Denise and Denise) had just drafted... especially Manila. I mean Dikembe and Mookie and Brandon... I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Well, I think this will be a good series. The DogEaters have their big three: Garnett, Brandon and McGrady. Cancun had only two superstars in Karl Malone and Vince Carter, but may have more depth with Marcus Camby and Doug Christie.

I have no predicition on the winner, but I'm sure this series will include a lot of eye-scratching and hair-pulling... you can't beat a good girl fight for entertainment.

Go West, Young Men

Hey, at least they're not chicks...

Western Conference Championship

Joliet DurtyByrds (16-6)

(owner: Tim Herring)


Diablo Spawn (16-6)

(owner: Dan Bruessel)

I love these two guys... they've been firing emails at each other for a couple weeks now. You have to make Diablo Danny the prohibitive favorite in this series and probably to go all the way. Diablo is the Lakers of the NIBL. With Shaq, Kobe and Penny cranking in the playoffs, the Spawn will be tough to beat. Joliet features Gary Payton and Eddie Jones, but that doesn't sound like enough firepower to slow down the Shaq-diesel to me.

Supplemental Playoff Draft

Each team gets to add two NBA players to their roster via the supplemental playoff draft. Here's the draft order (based on team rank):

1. Cancun Cleavage

2. Diablo Spawn

3. Joliet DurtyByrds

4. Manila DogEaters

and then back up the reverse order for the second round.

You (playoff "you"s that is) can draft any NBA player in the NBA playoffs that isn't currently on a NIBL roster. Here's the list of available players:

Available NBA Playoff players

And, for your convenience, here's the same list sorted by player position:

Available NBA Playoff players - sorted by position

Ugh. Talk about blue light specials...

Playoff guys, please inspect this list closely. If you find any discrepencies (missing players, players that shouldn't be there, etc), then please email me. Before the draft, we will all agree on a list of available players so there are no surprises dur to administrative error.

Quote of the Day

"Did you give Ty a cookie?"

- question asked by Ty Krieger's mother as Ty was chowing down a mouthful of dry dog food.

Of course, check out the page for all the latest playoff results.

Let's get it on!

yow, bill

PS - Coming soon... the NIBL 2K regular season wrapup including the All-NIBL team, the NIBL MVP (hmm, who could it be), and draft order for next season.