Playoff Draft

April 22, 2000... Bill Krieger

Playoff Draft

Here are the selections from the supplemental playoff draft held last night at NIBL Inter-galactic headquarters:

Pick Team Player
1 Cancun S Walker, Sas
2 Diablo J Smith, Min
3 Joliet S Pollard, Sac
4 Manila B Grant, Por
5 Manila A Carter, Mia
6 Joliet S Perkins, Ind
7 Diablo H Grant, Sea
8 Cancun T Best, Ind

Two notes to the playofff teams:

  1. Remember that we have added Ron Harper, Lal to the list of playoff-eligible players
  2. If you want to change your lineups for game 2 or 3, then email the NIBL and your foe before the beginning of play in that round.

Starting lineups and boxscores for game 1 are available above...


yow, bill