Wrapup 2K

April 25, 2000... Bill Krieger

Factoid of the Day


- The number of home losses for the Chicago Bull this season (source: Daily Herald)

NIBL 2K Awards

Drum roll please... the All-NIBL 2000 team:

Pos Player NIBL Team nibls
F Kevin Garnett (Min) Manila 1,868
F Karl Malone (Uth) Cancun 1,809
C Shaq O'Neal (Lal) Diablo 2,003
G Gary Payton (Sea) Joliet 1,827
G Vince Carter (Tor) Cancun 1,671

What a co-inky-dink... all the All-NIBL players come from the four NIBL playoff teams. Ha!

The rookie with the most nibls this year...

NIBL 2K Rookie of the Year

Steve Francis (Hou) 1,392 nibls

Cancun Cleavage

Elton Brand was a close second with 1,328 nibls and Lamar Odom had 1,267 nibls. The amazing thing about these rookies is that they were all in the top 25 of the whole league in scoring.

And, yawn, the MVP of the planet (but he's not good enough to play for Shakopee):


Most Valuable Player

Shaq O'Neal (Lal) 2,003 nibls

Diablo Spawn

Shaq average 50 nibls a game... that's 100 nibls per week! Shaq rules.

Playoff Crossfire

I get caught in the crossfire of quite a bit of the playoff smack email.... especially between young Danny Bruessel of the Diablo Spawn and Joliet Tim "the Best of the Best". Since he has the upper hand (and Shaq and Kobe), here's the gospel according to Diablo Danny:

An apology goes to Joliet for treating you so very rudely in game 1. I'll try to see if my guys would make it less of a blowout.  I'll see if Shaq can keep it below 60.

Hey Bill, on the plaque I want it to say Daniel W. Bruessel.  It sounds more dignified.

A little playoff stat.  Game one: Kobe=35, Jones=23.

I would like to thank Kobe's thumb for helping me win my first conference title. I would also like to nominate Kobe's thumb for playoff MVP.

It's good to be the Lakers... should we start calling Danny, mini-Phil Jackson?

NIBL 2001 Draft Order

Here's the draft order for next year:

Pos Team Record
1 Elk Grove 0-22
2 Aruba 6-16
3 Vegas 6-16
4 Shakopee 8-14
5 Four Lakes 9-13
6 Shorewood 10-12
7 Santa Fe 10-12
8 Napa Valley 11-11
9 Capital City 12-10
10 Walla Walla 14-8
11 West Chicago 15-7

Any new teams added to the NIBL next year will follow West Chicago and then the playoff teams will draft last.

Second Factoid of the Day


- The number of home losses for the Chicago Bull

over their six championship seasons, combined (source: Daily Herald)


yow, bill