Mommy... Can I Go Play with Shaq and Kobe?

April 28, 2000... Bill Krieger

Quote of the Day

"A girl won your fantasy basketball league?"

- Weasely clerk at the place where I got the NIBL plaque

engraved "Denise Raimondo" that first year.

NIBL Championship Round Set

Well, it's not pretty, but let the trumpets sound:

NIBL 2K Championship

Diablo Spawn

(owner: Dan Bruessel)


Manila DogEaters

(owner: Denise Raimondo)

That's right it's mother versus son for the first NIBL title of the new millenium... Diablo Danny facing his mommy, DogEater Denise. To this observer, it appears there will be no oedipal problems for young Danny Bruessel... he should be as heavily favored as the Lakers. Shit, with Kobe and Shaq, he is the NIBL Lakers.

Manila features two able stars from Minnesota in Kevin Garnett and Terrell Brandon... with one catch. Garnett and Brandon will probably be watching the second round of the playoffs from their couch just like Manila owner Denise Raimondo. Without her Minnesota stars, the DogEaters look like roadkill for the Spawn juggernaut.

Who knows? Maybe Danny will recall those many years at his mother's teat and call off the dogs. I suppose he could draft Travis Knight and Ty Lue to start in place of Shaq and Kobe, but it seems unlikely.

I could whine about the NIBL playoffs being less competitive this year. This could be the first year where all the playoff series were sweeps. But, that would be understating things. The race for the NIBL 2K title may have been clinched at the end of the second round of the draft when Diablo happily scarfed a slightly dinged Kobe Bryant to go with his first round pick, Shaq Diesel. Hey, what can you do?

All I know is, Shaq and Kobe... they're no Hakeem and Van Horn.


Another Quote of the Day

"I'm feeling stupider every day"

- John Raimondo (Cap City),

who may soon be the only person in his house without a NIBL title

yow, bill

PS - "mother's teat"... I love that one. Dang.