Diablo Lakers? LA Spawn?

May 8, 2000... Bill Krieger

Shaq crushes Diablo's Mommy

Well, Shaq didn't literally crush Manila Denise... hell, technically Manila beat Shaq 64 to 57, but you get the point. As previously conjectured in this very column, Diablo Danny showed his mother no mercy and smashed his maternal DogEater 162-64. So much for that whole teat thing... Diablo 1, Manila 0.

Well, what happened:

  • Diablo Danny's 162 nibl total set a NIBL championship record... beating last year's 147 nibl effort by the Weswt Chicago franchise.

  • Shaq's 57 nibl's also set a record... beating West Chicago Don again and his 47 nibls from Alan Iverson last year.

  • Spawn boy's 98 nibl margin of victory is a record... beating (you guessed it) West Chicago's 57 nibl rout of Aruba last year.

  • Manila's lead scorer was Brian Grant with 18 nibls. Oops.

  • I think this whole Diablo situation has given me record nausea.

At this point, I think Diablo is more heavily favored than the "real" Lakers. Manila really should have drafted Luc Longley to complete the symmetry... Denise is Luc Longley to Danny's Shaq.

May 10. This Wednesday. It should all be over, appropriately, with the Laker's assumed rout of Phoenix in game 2. And yes Danny, you have to wait all the way till October to get your placque.

Oh well, at least a girl didn't win. Sigh.

Quote of the Day

"You're just as happy as if you were right"

- Gram Krieger concluding a disagreement with her favorite grandson


Oh yeah, dotting the "i", here's the playoff draft before the championship round:

  1. Diablo Spawn - Aaron McKie, Phi
  2. Manila DogEaters - Ron Harper, Lal
  3. Manila DogEaters - Chris Childs, Nyk
  4. Diablo Spawn - Clarence Weatherspoon, Mia


yow, bill