Champion Notage

May 11, 2000... Daniel W. Bruessel

You know, I win the title and all I get is Daniel F. Bruessel.  Can't I have just one day of glory!?!? Can't I get a f'in W. around here?!? Who's the champion here!?!? Where did I put my victory drink!?! I'm gonna knock that Bill Krieger f'in out next time I see him.  He's a punk.  He's probably gonna take Hakeem or Van Horn with the second pick.  And tell Don "Luke Shittalker" Fenton to give me my f'in plaque.

Alright, enough smack. I would like to make some thank yous. I want to thank Shak-of-pee Steve for not taking Shaq with the first pick. And Johnny Rai for talking me out of taking Webber over Shaq. And the rest of you for letting Kobe and  Elton fall into my lap. I couldn't have won without your expert drafting.

I would also like to thank G. Hill, Sprewell, Jayson Williams, Mutombo and everyone else who was a Spawn in the 98-99 season. You all were the stepping stones for the 00 Nibl championship. I couldn't have won without your lack-luster play the year before.

And most of all we all know the real reason why I'm champ now, Kobe's thumb.

Thank you.

A nibl quote from the past that I now find amusing:

Whiners whine

Diablo Danny continues to lose and whine vociferously about it.