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Oct 10, 2000... Bill Krieger

Big announcement from NIBL global-intergalactic headquarters, eh:

NIBL 2001 Player Draft

Saturday Oct 28, 2000 at 9:00am

Bill's house again

It's the NIBL's 4th season (yow), and the competition promises to be as lame as ever. We're still looking for our first NIBL champion who isn't either a woman or someone still living at home. Sigh.

Anyway, we should be fully subscribed but if you want to join the NIBL or nominate someone for membership, email me. NIBL ownership has 4 non-demanding requirements:

  1. $50 entry fee

  2. Show up at the player draft at the time-space corrdinates above

  3. Submit your player lineup each week during the season

  4. Contribute NIBL Notes (tm) once a season

Check back at the site here in the week prior to the draft. I will post very important NIBL info such as available players and their positions. Yum yum.

yow, bill

PS - Also, don't forget your kneepads for the draft. We'll all be bowing down to reigning NIBL champ Young Danny Bruessel and his Diablow Prawns.