Final Draft Notice

October 24, 2000... Bill Krieger

Hey guys,

Last note before draft day... only two things:

1) The draft is Saturday Oct 28, 9:00 am at my place (1016 Kauai King Ct. in Naperville).

  • PLEASE DO NOT be late as some owners have shit to do.
  • PLEASE DO show up as early as 8:30... you can eat doughnuts with me and Ty.

2) Here's the all important NBA Rosters. You can only select players from this list, and they can only play the position(s) listed. I broke the page into four parts for easy printing, eh:

NBA rosters 1 of 4 ~ NBA Rosters 2 of 4

NBA Rosters 3 of 4 ~ NBA Rosters 4 of 4

I will also have copies of the roster lists available at the draft. See you Saturday.

yow, bill