Projected Winners

Nov 13, 2000... Bill Krieger

Movie Review of the Day

"[Little Nicky] is primarily about whether Adam Sandler can talk in an especially annoying voice and hold a funny face (if you think resembling a stroke victim is funny) for 90 minutes"

- The Trib review of the movie "Little Nicky"


After two weeks, the list of NIBL teams without a defeat is already pared down to three: Cap City, Napa, and defending champ Diablo. After only two weeks of NIBL play, can we say anything about the prospects of these early bird teams? In short, yes. The NIBL News Networks projects that Cap City, Napa and Diablo will all go undefeated for the remainder of the NIBL 2001 season. Promise.

OK, given this conclusion, let me extrapolate the rest of this season's future:

  • Diablo's Reggie Miller, Ind will edge out Shaq for the NBA scoring title
  • Diablo's Elton Brand will finish in the top 10 of NBA scoring at an all-time NBA record low 29% shooting percentage
  • Cap City's Jermaine O'Neal will be the starting center for the the Eastern conference in the NBA All-Star game
  • Napa Valley's Jason Kidd will be featured in Phoenix's new 4-man lineup, entering Kidd in the boxscore twice

So, to wrapup, it's Cap City versus Napa in the East and Diablo getting a bye in the West. What will happen in the NIBL playoffs in April? Don't be crazy, that's too close to call.

Commish blah blah

Let me put on my commish hat for a second here...

We had the big Danny Fortson lotto this Saturday. 5 teams (Aruba, Diablo, Rip City, Walla, West Chicago) vied for the services of the NBA's newest double-double man... the winner, West Chicago. All the transactions for week 2 are posted at: NIBL Transactions. By the way, Mr. Fortson's contribution to the CleavageBeaters, his new team, last night... 44 nibls. Gulp.

I want to experiment with an idea to make the nibl note contribution of all our fellow NIBL owners a little more regular. I call it NIBL Note Tags (a registered trademark, thank you). At the end of each NIBL note, the author of the note will tag the owner to write next week's notes. This does not mean that you can't contribute notes out of the "tag" cycle; I encourage you to do so. The purpose of the Tag system is to squeeze some notes out of each owner in the NIBL. You must tag an owner who has not yet written notes. I'm counting this as the first NIBL Note of the season and my tag is at the end. Ha ha Eric.

I don't know if you've figured this out or not... if you're just looking up NIBL results and want to save a mouse click, you can go directly to NIBL 2001 at: ... that link won't change (in the forseeable future).

Political Non-Rant

I know that politics is a hot potato these days, but I humbly offer this simple fact. Pleasre absorb and pass this on:

Selectively recounting ballots is biased and incorrectly skews a vote count

The proof of this statement is simple, yet somehow unreported in our media's coverage of what's going on.

The "hand recounting" going on in Florida is fundamentally an additive process. The hand recount adds ballots that cannot be read mechanically to the vote tally. If you only recount votes in a heavily Democratic county, you will likely be adding to the Democratic vote count.

Example: Assume you hand recount 10,000 ballots in a county where Al Gore received 60% of the vote compared to W's 40%. If 100 votes are added to the tally as a result of the recount, then you would statistically expect 60 of those votes to be for Gore and 40 to be for W.

For this reason, there are only two fair or non-biased options. 1) Recount none of the ballots, or 2) Recount all of the ballots throughout the entire state of Florida.

Get it? Let me know...

Quote of the Day

"So, what happened to the mighty Thong this week?"

- John Raimondo, owner Cap City Tools victors over the Thong 303-280

F'ing Tools. F'ing Jemaine O'Neal. Oh well.

yow, bill

PS - TAG: I am tagging Napa Valley. I'd love to hear from Napa because of his extreme political views and his pending defeat to the MIGHTY Aruba Thong! TAG! Eric, you're it.

PPS - Yes, for the record, I voted W.