Undefeated Teams

November 21, 2000... Johnny Raimondo

I would personally like to thank my co-commissioning buddy Bill for putting the kiss of death on the mighty Cap City Tools by proclaiming that we would go undefeated this season.  His prediction managed to last a couple of days (hours?) after he made this outrageous statement as Sully's Vince Carter managed to slap a 52 and a 67 on me.  Ugh. Thank you Nostradamus.  Your father reeks of elderberries!!!

The NIBL up to this point resembles the NBA last year with the conference names flip-flopped.  There are five, count 'em, five teams in the Eastern conference averaging over 300 points a game while there is only one, Rob's Rip City Renegades, in the Western conference.  Remember the good old days in the NIBL when scoring 300 meant you had a great chance of winning?  Those days are long gone.  We've got 300+ point games flying left and right this year so get 60+ NIBL's out of each guy or prepare to "eat some justice".  This is not going to be a friendly year.

Not that it ever has been in the past...

Knibb High Football Rules!!!