2 Quotes, 35 Twenty Dollar Bills, a Few Drinks and a Zillion TVs

December 1, 2000... Young Bill Krieger

Quote of the Day

Some pre-quote background... Some of you may recall Rob Reed, owner of the defunct Bolingbrook Big Hops. The Hops went 0-13 in the lockout-shortened 1999 season and then closed shop. I feel compelled to share the wisdom of this former NIBL owner, who in his short time in the NIBL, was known for his intellect and clarity of thought:

"I think finality will come within a couple of weeks"

- Rob Reed, today's insight on the Presidential election controversy

Gambler Bill

Submitted for you approval... your humble commish's betting slip from Monday November 28:

Bets Placed Final Scores
Atlanta Hawks  +7

Milwaukee Bucks  +8

Dallas Mavericks  -6

Sacramento Kings  +1

Minnesota Timberwolves  -8

Boston Celtics  +5

Atlanta Hawks  102, Washington Wizards  75

Milwaukee Bucks  102, Miami Heat  101

Toronto Raptors  93, Dallas Mavericks  107

Sacramento Kings  88, Houston Rockets  81

Minnesota Timberwolves  96, Chicago Bulls  76

Boston Celtics  87, Cleveland Cavaliers  72

6 team parlay $20.00 to win $700.00

Outcome: Win

That's right sports fans, I turned $20 into a stack of 35 twenty's through the magic of online gambling. Allow me to anticipate some of your questions... yes, it was sweet... no, it's never happened to me before... no, it'll never happen to me again in my lifetime.

If you're looking for a nice online bookie, I can now recommend:


They had some bandwidth problems last year, but that seems to have been cleared up now.

Please Note: These comments for entertainment purposes only!

2nd Quote of the Day

"the excitement of seeing Johnny Rai

(is that really him? he looks younger than Diablo Danny)

caused a real stir"

- M Jesse Jackson, GNABO bigwig, reaction to the new "Hall of Champions" page

On Holy Ground

We all know the age-old saying... You can't beat drinks, fried vittles, and a zillion TV's all showing sports.

Truer words never spoken.

I had the pleasure last night of the company of two of the NIBLs best and brightest: Don "CleavageBeater" Fenton and Johnny "Tool Boy" Raimondo. We met at Pockets, a local watering hole and, by all rights, birthplace of the NIBL. That's right... we were on... holy ground.

Allow me to paraphrase selected comments (in no particular order) from last night, that my Sam Adams Winter Lager-addled brain can recall:

  • Don: "Bill's going to write about all this on the NIBL page tomorrow."
  • Bill: "Did I tell you guys about the parlay I won Monday night?"; Chorus: "Yes, god yes."
  • Don: "Baron Davis in the 9th round has to be the best pick in the NIBL draft"; Bill: "What about Shawn Marion? Did you see what Shorewood is putting up this week?"
  • Bill: "I can't believe I stink again this year. Shit, I'm only getting 35 nibls a game out of Tim Duncan for Christ's sake"; Don: "I believe it"
  • Don: "I'm just glad I only bet fifty... I mean Carolina stinks. Hey, I'll give anyone here Atlanta plus 1."; Bill: "How about plus one and a half?"
  • Bill: "I'm glad Don left... dang goof. I mean really... shouldn't Van Exel and Cassell be getting more than 25 nibls a game? Shouldn't they?"
  • Johnny Rai: "I told you to take Garnett. Good Lord, where's that waitress!"

I've said it before... I'll say it again... It's a Wonderful Life.

yow, bill