Interview with a DogEater

December 15, 2000... Denise Raimondo

[ Well, actually it's Young Bill Krieger here. Hi!

I offer, for your approval, a transcript from an interview that I held with the head DogEater herself, Denise Raimondo. Whew, she was cranky as a, well, cranky as a DogEater after suffering a defeat at the hands of the Mighty Thong that week... but, I shall dally no longer.

Enjoy ]

Q: OK, let's get into it here, what is your favorite color?
Denise: Honestly... purple.


Q: Can you explain your loss the the Mighty Thong this week?
Denise: Because my team sucks and your team is so good. If I lose enough, then maybe I can get Garnett next year.


Q: We all know about your Garnett fetish, so who is your second favorite NBA player?
Denise: Well, I party with Jason Williams.


Q: Who do you think will win the NIBL this year?
Denise: I can't do that... I can't go there.


Q: Why do you refuse to write NIBL Notes (tm)?
Denise: I'm not real good at expressing myself. (long pause) I'll tell you why... I am not a smack-talker. I'm too nice. I do write poetry.


Q: Well, if you're so artistic, would you mind drawing us a picture?
Denise: Sure...

[ Editor's Note: I believe that is me (Aruba) smiling and Denise (Manila) frowning over the week's NIBL results. Sort of eery in a soon-to-be serial killer kind of way. ]


Q: Thanks Denise. Who are your tagging?
Denise: Tommy Dieboldt.

[ With this, Denise stomped off the frig for another tumbler of vodka.

It's always interesting to pop the hood on the brainchild behind the NIBL's second winningest team.

Looks like you're it, Tommy. Maybe, you can write about losing to the Mighty Thong next week too! ]

yow, bill