2001: A Spawn Odyssey

Dec 16, 2000... Daniel Bruessel

Spawn2k is over. As we hurtle through the first quarter of the 2001 season, many comments and questions abound. Here are my predictions and analysisseses for the West:

  • RIP city will make it to the playoffs, and then get beat by 100+ for each playoff game.

  • Nantucket will come down to earth when Marion comes down to earth. Hopefully.

  • Elk Grove. Dead Horse. I don't care if they have Shaq, Kobe and Wilt in his prime. They still won't win.

  • West Chicago. Did anyone notice that 5 guys on his team are ex-Spawn? Did anyone notice he's gay? Did anyone notice that he's not going to win?

  • Walla. Um. Not looking good. Grant needs to come back and kick major league arse, which ain't happeneing.

  • Joliet. Decent team. BAD start.

That just leaves the Spawn. Could it get any better?