Notes from Vegas

Jan 02, 2001... Tommy Dieboldt


Hey everybody Vegas here chiming in with a quick overview so far.

The East:

  • Napa Valley- An outstanding record of 8-1, 2877 PF, and Ron Mercer. What else could you ask for!!

  • Cap City- A great start. Outstanding GM or Irish luck? Methinks the latter.

  • St. Louis- All Vince Carter, all the time.

  • Vegas- A record of 4-5 with 2794 PF, and the best forward tandem in NIBL history, what gives?!?

  • Aruba- It must be hell in that front office. I heard through the grapevine that Krieger is on constant suicide watch and has been seen palling around with new center Mark Jackson.

  • Manila- No Kevin Garnett = No Playoffs for you!!

  • Burlington- Woops. He is obviously there for you to play your bench against.

And now we go to the West:

  • West Chicago- Riding the Baron Davis & Jason Terry train as long as possible.

  • Rip City- What can I say, they are rocking. But I don't think that you can draft an entire roster for the playoffs can you?

  • Nantucket- Jerry Stackhouse 3rd in the league in scoring and Karl Malone. How long will the winning last?

  • Elk Grove- Shaq and the re-emergence of McDyess make Elk Grove a solid .500 team.

  • Diablo- Another solid .500 team at best.

  • Joliet- 2-7 and slipping. Getting ready to welcome Shaq next season.

  • Walla Walla- Again, woops.

Well thats all I have for now. I will be writing some more notes in the months to follow. Good Luck everyone ( Except Napa and Cap City)


PS - Oh yeah....Rip Shitty your it!!!!!!