From Sleepy West Chicago

Jan 19, 2001... Don Fenton & Denise


I have to pose the NIBL a few questions;

1. Can we extend weekly rosters to 9 players? Denise and I are getting a lot of heat from The Baron, Mr. Bibby, the newly resurgent Mo Taylor and the soon to be healthy NBA rebounding leader Danny The Fort about sitting on our bench each and every week. That damn Brit Amechi can sit there and shut up.

2. Bill - can you please tell us if the Bibby-Davis tandem would be the starting NIBL backcourt mates on any other teams? Only if the NIBL allowed trades!

3. Is anybody really surprised about the whole Rev. (he-he) Jesse Jackson thing? Quote of 1991 from my Father after only 3 Crown Royal's "if that moron ever gets in Washington were all moving to Australia, damn it!"

4. What's less shocking the Jesse scandal or Diablo sucking again this year?

5. Speaking of sucking, welcome back to Earth Denise Raimondo!

6. Will John Raimondo suspend Payton from his NIBL roster for actions detrimental to his team also? I didn't think so, his team is so flippin' over-rated.

7. I do have respect for the following teams this year; Jack's buckets, Rob's rippers and Season's over tasters, man that division sucks. Eric, will I see you in the finals?

8. What would it take to get John Raimondo to go to a strip bar? I hope the answer isn't male dancers.

9. John Raimondo going to Vegas is like Denise Fenton going to a convent. That's not a question, but it's funny as shit.

10. Should I have a Super Bowl party (Balt 4, NYG 2) or a Porn party (new pic's from CES 2001 and Jenna on the DVD) ?

Well Denise and I leave for sunny Orlando (home of how did we all pass on McGrady and Walla's boy Grant, thanks for Kobe!) today. 78% of polled Basketball fans said" if given the chance they would kick John Amechi square in the nuts", hopefully I'll have my chance. We need a vacation from all the stress of trying to incorporate Van Horn into our weekly winning line-up. So we'll be back Monday night, tanned, tired and ready to continue kicking all of your asses. I can't wait till Cancun gets her team back next year. Maybe I'll get some competition.

Oh yeah Bill- Denise is wearing a orange, size too small tank top and matching thong. Sweet dreams from West Chicago.

Peace and geese,

don & denise

Bill- same line-up next week, duh. 6th man Bibby.