29 Spankins Plus One

Feb  27, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to, well, to me. I'm 29 years old today.

I look back fondly over the past 29 years, especially my youth... Gayle Sayer's 6 TD game against the 49'ers in ol' Wrigley Field, the collapse of the '69 Cubs, sending a man to the moon. It's been a wild almost-30 year ride.

Headline of the Day

"Lake Park teens pack seminar on depression"

- Headline from the Daily Herald last week

(why do I find that so f'ing funny?)

One More Spankin

I am getting an extra spankin this week from Cap City, it appears. It only took till Tuesday for Cap City Johnny Rai to apply one extra birthday spankin and virtually lock-up second place in the East. With this week's win over Aruba, Cap City hold a three game lead over the 3rd place Thong. With seven games left after this week, I think we can all do the math and anoint the Eastern Conference playoff representatives: Napa Valley and Capital City.

In the West, West Chicago continues to roll. The trade sending Mutombo to Philly has emboldened Don Fenton to issue a challenge to all comers in the West. And why not... the guy's won 15 in a row, and he now has his top three picks in the playoffs. 

Enjoy this from the Head Beater himself:

Bill and other frowning NIBL'ers (notes from Championship HQ),

31 out of Big Dirk?.......41 would worry me, please focus on something else. I'm getting tired of all the attention.  he-he.

THIS JUST IN.......from Phil, PA.  Mutombo says West Chicago and
Philadelphia will both walk away with titles this year. 

THIS JUST IN FROM WEST CHICAGO........Baron Davis, Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, maybe Mo Taylor, Mutombo, 1 roster move and a pending Bibby trade (F Amechi)....shit, Bill put my money in a 4 month CD right now.  Plus I've played my whole roster already. Jeez, it just keeps getting funnier.

Would I beat a greatest hits playoff team of both Nantucket's and Rip's best?  Vegas says West Chicago -17.5!

As always, I find it much fun busting all of your balls and still somehow getting better.  This is like a child's league for me.  Maybe I should join that California league, I could dominate that too.  Sounds fun.

Much respect,



Second place in the West is up for grabs. Nantucket and Rip City are deadlocked at 11-6; they have also beaten each other once. Praise the schedule-makers (me!), the second spot in the West may come down to the last week in the regular season: Week 25, Rip City at Nantucket.

I don't think that you can count Elk Grove out yet. Moz is just two games off the pace and with a healthy Shaq and McDyess, he is certainly capable of running the table. Moz's playoff lineup of Shaq, Brandon, Christie, Stockton and Pippen could take some of the color out of Don Fenton's cheeks.


Quote of the Day

"A disgrace"

- Ex-Pres Jimmy Carter's description of Ex-Pres Bill Clinton's pardons

Thanks Jimmy. That about sums it up.

yow, bill