Elk Grove notes

Mar 2, 2001... Moz Krieger

As the moral backbone of this league I am shocked and appalled at the lewd display of that lightweight trollop you have "Baring Her Wares" on the main page of this Website. I believe her name is "Rose MeCowan?" I feel some responsibility due to the fact that I am contributing to Mr. Fenton's ability to purchase such filth since I am a Nextel customer and have purchased many phones from the before mentioned Mr. Fenton. This oversight on my part will be soon corrected by my corporation buying cell phones form the extremely moral and veritable Disney-like "Little Pink Fellow" Primeco phones.

I am especially disheartened by my son, one of the Commissioners, for parading this semi-pornographic trash on a Website that promotes good fellowship and clean sporting competition between straight-arrow American men. Probably Mr. Fenton misled my son into thinking that this was "cute" or "clever." Well, we shall arise above this muck and mire and raise our sights to a higher plane. In that regard, I propose that the membership of this league encourage the Commissioner, his father and the Commissioner's younger brother to apply a minor amount of the NIBL's funds on a picture-taking expedition to a sweet, colorful and innocent community such as, well, let me see, I have it! Ottawa, Illinois. Bill, the commissioner, has been taking a photography course and he could show off his skills in photos of pastoral life in the rural midwest. There are many areas of Ottawa that remind everyone of Bedford Falls, I hear. I am sure Bill's co-commissioner, Johnny Rai, would have no objection for Bill investing some NIBL funds in this endeavor to raise the moral standards of the NIBL Website.

We need to rid ourselves immediately of this moral turpitude so perhaps John Rai could get us, let's say $750 -- $1000 to take some really good, wholesome photos no later than perhaps Friday night. This would involve a great deal of sacrifice in both my, Brian and Bill's part, but I feel we must be strong and act before this destroys the very fabric of this democracy. Let us rid ourselves of this decay immediately -- act now!

Bill Krieger