NIBL Owner or Bucco Second Baseman?

Mar 15, 2001... Young Bill Krieger


This QOD contributed by Rob Ripper Triol...

"Sexy...(long pause)... dominant and all-mighty conceitedness - I'm arrogant."

- Shaquille O'Neal, describing himself in three words

On a Personal Note

Big blow to the (less than) Mighty Thong this week. My impending loss to the Cap City Tool puts me 2 full games behind the Tool and their humorless owner Johnny Rai. By the way, I have received numerous emails asking if Johnny Rai is the same guy who played second base for the Pittsburgh Pirates for most of the 1980's... and the answer is "no." That was Johnny Ray, not Johnny Rai. 

Check it out:

Johnny Ray, 1986

Star second baseman

for the Pittsburgh Pirates

Johnny Rai, 2000

Reputed "catcher"

at St. Charles High

Also, the NIBL's Johnny Rai was only 7 years old in 1986, so let's finally put this confusion to rest.

Anyway, back to the East... five games left and two games behind, the Thong chances look quite tattered. Let's look at those remaining 5 games:

Aruba: Burlington, St Louis, Napa Valley, Nantucket, Manila
Cap City: Manila, Vegas, St Louis, Burlington, Napa Valley

I guess I don't exactly see a two game swing in there... do you?

The playoff implications are, um, large. Cap City's whole roster includes only 3 playoff guys, while Aruba's playoff contingent is strong. I managed to catch up with Eric Schoonover, headmaster of the East-leading Napa Valley Tasters (and commonly referred to as the "Montgomery Burns of the NIBL") and I asked him what he thought of a NIBL playoff match-up against the Capital City. "Excellent," he said, wringing his hands.


Sorry Rob...

"I think it's mental, all mental. I'm always conscious about making the shot. It's always in my head and dwelling on it only makes it worse."

- Antawn Jamison on his (and Rip City's) recent shooting woes

The West

Speaking of my email bag (see above)... I can't keep up with the requests that I continue bashing Don Fenton. My reply: "No way Jose". If we just continually bash Don Fenton, then are we any better than he is? No. Rise above and smell the flowers... huh?

It looks like the "rest of the west" (Nantucket, Rip City, and Elk Grove) will all win their games this week. Next week, however, is the shit:

  • West Chicago at Rip City - The Rippers high-scoring gaggle of non-playoff stars take on the beast! The hated Beaters are on an 18 game roll. Rip City may just be desparate enough to beat West Chicago. West Chicago is looking for the NIBL double dip: leading the NIBL in points scored and fewest points against. Trent Reznor was right: "God is dead".
  • Elk Grove at Nantucket - Or, in other words, Shaq and McDyess versus Stackhouse and Malone. The Cougars need this game, or we will be forced to metaphorically throw their 2001 playoff chances in the ash heap. Forget the Bucket's low point total, Nantucket has a "just win baby" attitude that has carried the team this far.

A combination of West Chicago and Nantucket victories would seemingly put a nail in the West playoff chances of Rip City and Elk Grove. 'Tucket would have a three game lead with four to play. Elk Grove must win for this race to tighten up. What do you say Shaq?


grins... chuckles... belly laughter... guffawing... ha ha ha...

- Young Bill Krieger and Moz Krieger last year reacting to Bob Brinker's suggestion that the Nasdaq could fall below 2000 in the coming bear market

Worse than Don Fenton

Oops... sorry Don... let's try that again...

Really, really, really sucky

Ah, that's better.

Hey guys, can we bond here for a moment? What the fuck is the deal with this weather? This winter has been a downer of biblical proportions...

I look out the window right now (here at NIBL inter-galactic headquarters), and it's like some neutron bomb has exploded in Naperville. All the color and life has been sucked out, but the drab, drenched buildings remain.

I know what your saying, "Well, what can you do? It's the weather for Christ's sake!" Yes, it is a tough problem, but I think I may have an answer. Two weeks from today I'll be in warm, sunny Las Vegas tanning and gambling my cares away! You know, in honor of my loss to the Vegas Vermin last week, I think I'll throw in some binge drinking and public urination as well. Viva Las Vegas!!!

yow, bill