Happy Happy Thong Thong

Apr 3, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

First Things First

"C'mon coach put me in."

Everyone knows, in the NIBL, you gotsa play your guys. Well, at least once. The following guys need to be played before the end of the season:




Burlington Sean Rooks, Lac
Diablo Tom Gugliotta, Pho
Diablo Chris Mills, Gsw
Joliet Christian Laettner, Was
Manila Mitch Richmond, Was
Napa Valley Aaron McKie, Phi
St Louis Stromile Swift, Van
West Chicago Morris Peterson, Tor

If you don't play your guy, then he will be automagically inserted into your lineup. Your opponent will select the player in your lineup to be replaced.

I think we've had an inordinate amount of injuries this year. Usually, the list of un-played guys is longer than this. If you have any questions, then email me: thenibl@yahoo.com 



Here's two for the price of one...

"Bet it all, win it all"

- Brian Krieger, in Las Vegas this weekend


"5 on the Yo... 10 on the World"

- Brian Krieger, Craps table gibberish in Vegas again


NIBL Playoffs (almost) set

Well, here's what we know...

  • West Chicago has clinched the #1 spot in the West... AGAIN. The NIBL's version of Dr. Evil, Don Fenton, has captured the top spot in the West 3 of the 4 years of the NIBL's existence. Don's off year was a 3rd place finish last year in 2000. Must've been a Y2K bug in his NIBL draft software, eh.
  • Napa Valley has clinched a playoff spot in the East. This will be Eric's first NIBL playoff appearance.

Here's what we almost know...

  • Nantucket has almost clinched the second playoff spot in the West. Any 'Tucket win or Rip City loss in the last three games and Jack "used to be Shorewood" Evans will face West Chicago in the playoffs.
  • Aruba is the hottest team in the NIBL and like the Buckets needs just one win, or a Cap City loss, to represent the East in the playoffs.
  • Rip City and Cap City each need to win their remaining three games and have Nantucket and Aruba, respectively, loss their final three games to make the playoffs.

In other words, the playoffs are almost set. I'll definitely do a full playoff preview in the next couple weeks as things become final. Don't want to jinx anyone... like myself, eh.


Kobe QODs

I'm thinking that Kobe might need his own section in the Notes these days. What a numnut!

"Someone told me that in high school, Kobe used to sabotage his own games. So the game could be close. So he could dominate at the end. To sabotage the team process, to be so self-centered in your own process... it's almost stupefying."

- Phil Jackson, on Kobe Bryant

Happy Happy Thong Thong

Let's look at some crazy shit over the last three NIBL-weeks, including (you guessed it) the happy exploits of America's team, the Aruba Thong:

  • In week 20, Cap City and Aruba squared off in the 2nd highest scoring game in NIBL history. The Thong take the shootout 386-368. That's a total of 754 nibls! The highest scoring game in NIBL history was week 12, NIBL 2K when Cancun beat Diablo 405 to 358 for a total of 762 nibls. The Thong victory gave Aruba second place in the East and also the tiebreaker against hated rival Cap City.
  • In week 21, West Chicago beat Rip City for its 19th consecutive victory, a NIBL record. Awesome!
  • In week 22, West Chicago's winning streak was snapped by Elk Grove 297-275. It's the Beater's first loss since week 2! "I wanted to lose. I don't want to pull a Duke in the playoffs," exclaimed Beater owner Don Fenton after the loss.
  • An injured Patrick Ewing and Derek Anderson's heroics give Aruba the 2 nibl comeback victory over last-place Burlington 319-317 in week 21.
  • Week 21 again: Nantucket beats rival Elk Grove 320-307. A loss by Rip City that week as well gives Nantucket a 2 game stranglehold on second place in the West. Jack "who needs Shorewood" Evans has extended that lead into 3 games and needs one more win to make his first appearance in the NIBL playoffs.
  • In week 22, three different Aruba players have 50-nibl games as the Thong pound St Louis 395-226.
  • Week 22: Vegas avenges two earlier losses to Cap City with a playoff-crushing defeat of the Tool 287-268. Cap City reels from an injury to Eddie Jones and an mystifying plethora of Cleveland Cavaliers on the team.

Don't know about you, but I think this has been best regular season we've had so far in NIBL history.

QOD - Finale

"Loser gets Shaq"

- Steve Tucker, on this week's Burlington, Joliet match up

yow, bill