West Chicago Marches On

May 7, 2001... Young Bill Krieger


"And the lineup for the two-time NIBL champion West Chicago Beaters"

 - Don Fenton, annoyingly, turning in his game 1 lineup

West Chicago Unstoppable?

Well, I added that question mark above in deference to the representative of "good" in these NIBL finals, Eric Schoonover. Hell, he beat my ass. But, Eric and the Tasters will need a miracle to stop the forces of evil in West Chicago from attaining their second NIBL title in three years.

West Chicago took game one with a bit of a tussle from Napa 132 - 119.

In game 1, West Chicago, by my reckoning, underachieved. 34 nibls from "The Baron" was a little above average, but Kobe, Dikembe and Nowitzki (who I am really growing to dislike) all scored below their season averages. Chris Childs tallied a pitiful 11 nibls and was promptly benched by Herr Fenton.

The Tasters may actually have played a bit over their heads in the 13 nibl loss. Strong games from Rick Fox and Aaron McKie, 24 and 25 nibls, kept the score close. Stoyo scored 25 nibls... a bit below his average.

Game two begins tonight... it could get ugly. West Chicago police are polishing their nightsticks in case of possible looting and rioting in anticipation of a Beater's NIBL title. Me? If West Chicago wins, I plan on driving to Don's house and turning him over. 


50 minutes, 5 seconds

- Bill Krieger's time in Saturday's Naperville 10K run.

Playoff Draft 2

Just to cross my eyes and dot my tees... the player draft for the NIBL Finals went down like this:

  1. West Chicago - Chris Childs (Tor)
  2. Napa Valley - Bobby Jackson (Sac)
  3. Napa Valley - Danny Ferry (Sas)
  4. West Chicago - Antonio Daniels (Sas)

And yes, finally, for the record... F Don Fenton.

yow, bill