NIBL 2001 All-Star Team

[ The studliest players at the All-Star break ]

The NIBL All-Stars are the NBA players with the most nibls per game (npg) who have played a minimum of 80% of a team's games. Since we've played 30 games (15 nibl-weeks) so far, players had to play in at least 24 games to be eligible for All-Star honors.


NIBL All-Stars: First Team

  Team Player Npg
F Burlington Express Chris Webber (Sac) 46.6
F Vegas Vermin Kevin Garnett (Min) 41.5
C Elk Grove Cougars Shaq (Lal) 48.7
G West Chicago 'Beaters Kobe (Lal) 43.2
G Napa Valley Tasters Tracy McGrady (Orl) 42.1

No big surprises here... C-Web, KG, Shaq and Kobe are all top ten draftees.

Tracy McGrady is the only player not taken in the first round. In fact, he wasn't even the first player from the Orlando Magic selected in the NIBL (right Walla?).

Another tidbit: All these guys are on NBA teams that would currently make the playoffs.

NIBL All-Stars: Second Team

  Team Player Npg
F St Louis Scammers Vince Carter (Tor) 39.4
F Vegas Vermin Antoine Walker (Bos) 39.3
C Aruba Thongs Tim Duncan (Sas) 40.7
G Joliet DurtyByrds Alan Iverson (Phi) 41.2
G Nantucket Buckets Jerry Stackhouse (Det) 39.4

Two second-rounders in this list: 'Toine and Stackhouse.

Second team honorable mentions (the only other guys averaging more than 39 nibls a game):

Antawn Jamison (Gsw) of the Rip City Rippers and

Gary Payton (Sea) of the Cap City Tools

And forget "honorable mention", cudos to Vegas... the only NIBL team with two All-Stars: KG on the first team and 'Toine on the second.


Updated: Feb 9, 2001