NIBL 2002 - Notes

May 23, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

OK, cleansing breath. Aaahhhhh.

Now, bow down low and deep to your obvious better in every way:

NIBL 2001 Champion

West Chicago CleavageBeaters

Owner: Don Fenton


With that, the NIBL goes dark... until next season! It's the 5th exciting year of NIBL action, that I that I have glibly coined:

NIBL 2002

Well, see you next year, and have some fun, eh. Hey, next year, maybe Michael Jordan will be available for the draft. NIBL Trivia? What is the only NIBL team to ever draft Michael Jordan?

yow, bill

PS - Trivia answer: The Aruba Thongs took Michael Jordan as the first selection in the first NIBL draft ever in 1997. He retired shortly after Aruba lost (in disgrace) their first round playoff match to the eventual-champion Manila DogEaters. 

PPS - Okay, okay already! Here's a Rose McGowan head shot to hold you over till next season...

Rose is thinking... 

"Come to me, Bill. NOW!"