NIBL 2002 - Notes

Oct 4, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

NIBL 2002!

We're back... the NIBL.

Michael Jordan's back too, I guess. I pulled this photo off the AP wire and can't figure out what it all means...

Once a Thong always a Thong!

The web site theme this year will be patriotic. Duh. Please send me your flags, your stars, your animations, your whatever... if you think it's something that can add to the site. 

Because not only is America the home of the free and the land of the brave, it's also pretty much the only place where goofs can do stupid stuff like fantasy basketball! 

You can find draft info at:

NIBL 2002


yow, bill

PS - My first prediction of the NIBL 2002 season... West Chicago will NOT win a game in the NIBL 2002 season. That's right... an 0-fer. Oh, wouldn't that be grand... pinch me!



Oct 4, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

Hey dudes,

How's this for spartan web design?!?! He he.

Anyway, the draft is:

Saturday October 27, 2001

Bill's House again

Arrive 8:30 am... get cranking 9:00 am

Here's the draft order that I have:

  Team (2001 record)
1. Burlington (6-19)
2. Walla Walla (7-18)
3. Manila (9-16)
4. Diablo (11-14)
5. Rip City (12-13)
6. Vegas (14-11)
7. Capital City (15-10)
8. Elk Grove (15-10)
9. Nantucket (17-8)
10. Aruba (18-7)
11. Napa Valley (19-6)
12. West Chicago (21-4)

Any 2002 newbies will be randomly inserted after Elk Grove's 8th pick.


yow, bill