NIBL 2002 - Notes

Nov 12, 2001... Young Bill Krieger

Rookie of the Year!

The first week of NIBL transactions went off with just one minor hitch... more on that in a minute. The Transactions page is up... in fact, let me point out all the "new" stuff up on the NIBL page:

  • Transactions page - Click on "Transactions" to your left there to see all the roster moves made this weekend. Next deadline is Friday midnight.
  • Stats page - Click on "Stats" to your left... I have the top 50 Scorers in the NIBL listed.
  • I have added photos from the NIBL draft to everyone's team page. It's pretty funny, so check it out. Click on "Teams" to your left, and then peruse the goofiness. BTW, if you don't like your photo, email me a better one.
  • The "Hall of Champions" (left and down) has been updated to include last year's winner, King Fenton.

I think that's it.

Screw this

Oh, the screw-up from transaction weekend... I know that at least one owner (Aruba, I believe) was very interested in the emerging rookie star on the Memphis Grizzlies, Pau Gasol. He's a frenchie or some European dealie, and he has probably been the top-performing rookie in the league thus far.

Well, Pau Gasol was unfortunately and unintentionally left off the NIBL roster of available NBA players handed out at the draft. So, Pau Gasol may win the NBA rookie of the year award this year, but he won't collect a single nibl in the process. Dop.

Also, a minor clerical error had Seattle in the Eastern Conference and Nashville in the West. Anyway, after a minor heart attack, this was corrected. I am considering having the federal government do my data entry so that such errors can be curtailed in the future. Right RobReed?

Proposed rule change

Johnny Rai and I discussed this rule change last season, and then forgot about it.

I would like to make my life easier by installing the following 6th man rule:

  • Article 5.5 - The sixth man cannot be used to cover games missed by the same player in consecutive weeks.

What does it all mean? If a guy in your starting lineup gets hurt, and your sixth man kicks in, then in the next week's game you have to remove that player or your sixth man insurance does not apply.

This makes my life easier because then I don't have to chase people down who don't remove injured players from their lineup. With this rule, if you play an injured player, or a possibly injured player, then you assume the risk of playing that guy and not get a free pass. 

Get it? Email me your comments, good or bad... 

Week 2

There really is only one big story in NIBL 2002 week 2. Plainfield RobReed ended his streak of 14 games of frustration by beating Elk Grove in week 2 with a convincing 292-232 victory. Congrats RobReed!

The other newbies didn't fare as well as Plainfield as Seattle, Nashville, DuPage, and Cancun all were crushed in week 2. Cancun Denise was quite jovial at her birthday party this weekend (your invite must have been lost in the mail) considering how droopy the Cleavage appear to be this year.

The Vegas Vermin continue their hard luck with injuries hitting their lineup hard in Tommy's loss to West Chicago. Vegas has the early lead in "points against"... but of course. On what week will Tommy's first sub 10 point loss come?

Speaking of West Chicago (boooo), all three former NIBL champions (West Chicago, Diablo, and Manila) have yet to taste defeat in 2002. To be consistent, I guess, last year's runners-up Nantucket and Napa Valley are also sporting nifty 2-0 records. 

Flippin' Game of the Week: Cap City's goldang battle with Rip City. These two always seem to duke it out... must be "battle of the city" or something. Anyway, the Tools emerged victorious with a 333-324 tally. Cap City was led by Vin-sanity's 100+ nibls. Ripper star Tracy McGrady has been a disappointment so far, and he put up a sheepish 73 nibls. Still, the Rippers 324 would have every other game but one in week 2, so if T-Mac gets it together, look out!

Of course it's early. Very early...

yow, bill

PS - My personal favorite team photo is Walla Walla. The Bailey boys huddling over unknown strategies... in the shadows... covered in mystery... who are these guys!?!?