NIBL 2002 - Notes

Nov 18, 2001... Rob Reed

Plainfield Formula for Success

Dear Commish...I hesitate to share my successful formula this early in the season.

However, a few minor tidbits for the sake of everyone's astonishment are probably in order.

My winning strategies: Hire a shaman and study the effects of positive chi and probiotics, sit next to Rob Triol at the draft, play in the same league as Denise Raimondo, hot wax on your nipples the night before a draft, using lots of research, and lastly, get lucky enough to draft Gary Payton 12th.

I mean, really, Diablo is licking the soles of my shoes, Aruba will be flossing with my thong next Sunday. And, if I don't beat Aruba, I sure beat his daddy plenty.

"Life is good...don't question, just enjoy"


PS - Young Bill Krieger here with a postscript... I solicited Plainfield's contribution due to his fast start and 2 game winning streak. Once a pariah, the PlayMakers are now a team to be feared in the East. I happened across the owner of the Diablo Spawn, Plainfield's most recent victim, last weekend. There was much sobbing and excuse-making coming from the once-mighty Diablo franchise... reduced to rubble by the Plainfield juggernaut.

As for the future, Mr. Reed's prediction of victory this week, the early scores are showing this to be a "gol dang battle" with scores well north of 300 nibls. Stay tuned!

PPS - Happy Thanksgiving! I know you won't believe this, but the turkey I picked out of the fridge at Jewel looked up at me and said "nibl nibl". I swear.