NIBL 2002 - Notes

Nov 24, 2001... Danny Bruessel

I think 5 haiku is enough

Don Fenton Sucks Ass

Jamaal Tinsley will crush him

Single handedly

23 assists

First career Triple Double

Rookie of The Year

Coming Out Party

On Thanksgiving Day Spawn WIN!

Tinsley is the MAN!

Jamaal Tinsley Rocks

All you morons Passed him Up

Wisely, I did not.

This year's NIBL Champ?

With Kobe, Tinsley, Matrix

Who can beat the Spawn?

[ Ed. Note: I thank Danny for his most creative contribution. Bravo! Not unlike the works of DaVinci or Edison, Danny's manuscript will be preserved in the NIBL archive for all time... or until I can sell it on ebay... or until the garbage man comes by tonight... yow, bill ]