NIBL 2002 - Notes

Jan 20, 2002... Daniel Bruessel

2002:  The Spawn Boogaloo

Whoopee!  Now for some Notes

So Bill has solicited some notes from the mighty Diablo Spawn, eh?

No doubt he wants some smack about the mother/son matchup of Diablo vs. Manila. 

Well, I'm already grounded.  I don't need any more trouble.  So what am I gonna talk about?

I could talk about how Kobe equals NIBL victory, but all of you should know that by now.  So let's just leave it at that.

I could go into my yearly tirade and pick apart the Western Conference team by team, but what's the point?  You know it, I know it, the Western Conference sucks.  I mean c,mon,  I'm third in the league in scoring, but besides that, the closest is Seattle who is in 9th freaking place.  And Don Fenton Jr.?

I could go into how much Don Fenton Jr.'s team sucks and how he has a horseshoe wedged firmly in his anal canal, but we all know that already.  8-4 with the 10th highest score.  What a joke.  And he calls me lucky because I win close games.  At least I can score 300 occasionally.

So maybe re-alignment should take place.  Both commishes in the same conference?  All the sucky teams in the other so Don Fenton can dominate with mediocre teams?  Just a suggestion....... 

So we all know that no one can stop the Spawn in the West, so I'm just gonna sit back and be quiet and bored until playoff time.  I'm looking forward to having that placque back in my possession.  Unless the Celtic make the second round........................

Diablo's QOD:

"Let's hear him call Boris Karloff a cocksucker."

-Bill Murray, "Ed Wood"