NIBL 2002 - Notes

Jan 24, 2002... Brian Krieger

MJ's Team Stuns Denise

I feel for poor denise to get bounced out of first place by MJ's Sea-Ho's. However, we held back on the scoring to let her lose gracefully by only a half point. That was more fun than the usual MJ blowout! Don't you think?

What else? The unemployment line is fun and exciting! Jerry Springer and Blind Date twice a day is the Bomb. The women I meet downtown love to meet a swinging bachelor without a job! Especially, when they find out my Dad owns TWA. That usually works at H. B.'s. I'm sure the weather will soon turn cold and I'll decide to migrate south to Florida. I heard a dollar goes a long way in the strip clubs down south. Party on!!

- Bri

Ed. Note - Young Bill Krieger

Thanks for the contrib Bri!

Brian, of course, refers to the tie game two week's ago that went to the home-playing Seattle squad over a forlorn Manila team... yes, that was a dandy. The DogEaters took out their frustration in week 13 with a 2 point squeaker of their own over hapless Rip City. Also joining the Rippers in the "what-a-screwjob-joke" gutter is Walla Wallla with their gut-wrenching 2 point loss to Napa Valley. One can almost imagine Rob Ripper Triol and Walla's Bailey Boys on the same imaginary couch... cans of warm cheap domestic swill clutched in each pale fleshy tentacle... heads bowed, illuminated only by 19 inch color TV... archetypal images of obsidian despair... such is defeat in the NIBL.

Sorry I wandered off there... Brian "Sea-Ho" Krieger introduces an excellent topic: What percentage of the NIBL ownership actually has a paying job... and I guess I'm not talking about a job where you get paid regardless of whether you show up or not, like the Nextel gigs I keep hearing about. Hmm... more later?!?

Thanks... yow, bill

PS - Why the fuck do the MIGHTY Thong (the 9-4 Thongies, mind you) have nearly 500 more nibls than the 11-2 buster team atop the Western Conference? I guess we'll test that little baloney-slapping Spawny this week. Bring your A game Danny cause the Thongies, newly-minted All-Star 'Toine leading the charge, are a-comin' to town... and it ain't gonna be pretty, you no-300-scoring pretender!

PPS - Dang that felt good.