NIBL 2002 - Notes

Jan 28, 2002... Johnny Raimondo

Mid Season Pontifications Ė What does it all mean?

I love turning in my notes late and getting to see what my opponent wrote Ė particularly after I just tanned his hide. Excellent. It was close, but with Marbury playing like the ball hog we all know and love in his second game the mighty Tool managed to escape another great week by Mr. Jordan.

With the NIBL season at mid-week it seems a good time to assess where weíre at and where weíre going.

  1. The East rules. Krikey. Do I have to play everyone in this division again? With the return of C-Webb even the 2-11 Nashville Volunteers are starting to sport some scores and give their opponents a run for their money. Much thanks for beating the tar out of the high flying Thong for the rest of us. Nashville is living proof that not everyone has to kiss Bill Kriegerís ass.
  2. The return of MJ. The general management team of Brian Krieger and Don Fenton Sr. that put together the mighty Seattle team has a solid chance at coming out of the watered down West. Krieger and Fenton have taken their very distinctive management styles and combined them much like Jobs and Wozniak. If MJ continues to consistently put up 90-100 niblís per week, beware the SeaWhores (thatís probably good advice in any situation).
  3. Where the hell is Jalen Rose? I thought Rob Triolís team from Rip City had a solid chance at the playoffs this year, but with McGrady underachieving and Rose sulking the Renegades are gunning for a lottery pick. Rob will either never pass on Kevin Garnett again or never draft him out of spite.
  4. Dia-blow. The worst 11-2 team I have ever seen, but it doesnít matter because the Spawn are running away with the West. Will the Kobe of yore show up or will he continue to be referred to as "bitch" by Chicagoís own Corey Maggette? Bill Krieger had best be able to put his money where his mouth is as the two top teams match up this week or he will NEVER hear the end of it.
  5. Shaq-mommy. Orlando proved it year after year and this year in the NIBL it is Walla proving it. Shaq does NOT equal title. While consistently the best NIBL player Shaq cannot take a team all the way by himself. The only title he has won was on Kobeís coattails in Diablo two years ago.
  6. Worst to first. Kudos to Rob Reed. He came back to the NIBL in the face of ridicule for the quick demise of the Bolingbrook Big Hops (the NIBLís only winless team). With a new team and location Mr. Reed apparently has a hankeriní for some spankeriní and is tied for first with our soft-spoken commissioner Bill Krieger.
  7. Close call. Vegas is 6-7 and staying with their model of being snake bit has managed to lose 42 games this season by 2.5 points or less.
  8. @%$&!*iní Dogeaters. Could I please finish ahead of my wife just once in the standings? Oh well. I figure Iím only McDyess averaging 100 niblís per week and Denver in the playoffs from winning it all this year.

The playoff spots are up for grabs. Only 3 games separate first place from seventh in the East and while Diablo seems to have secured a spot in the West there are only 5 games separating the second place team from last. Twelve games left and anything can happen. Thanks to all for another great season, now please play your bench against me.