Feb 4, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

East 22, West 10

First off, check out the new photo at the bottom of the page... Kirsten!

We're halfway through the inter-conference part of the midseason schedule. The domination of the Eastern Conference continues with a stunning record of 22-10 against Western foes in the last four weeks. What will the next four weeks hold for the Western Conference? Probably more beatings, in this reporter's opinion.

To add to the argument, the leaders in the East, Aruba and Plainfield, have spanked their Western counterparts, Diablo and West Chicago, three games to nothing. Plainfield plays Diablo this week going for the 4 game sweep.

Did you catch the barn-burners this week?

  • Speaking of Plainfield, the PlayMakers were able to overcome a Saturday afternoon injury to (oft-injured) Marcus Camby and hold off Elk Grove 280-278. It's been brought to my attention that Plainfield has had its share of close victories this year (twice by only 2 nibls, and once by 5)... when will Plainfield's bill come due for these narrow margins? We shall see.
  • NIBL bad boy, Rob "Ripper" Triol eked out a two point victory over the Tasters of Napa Valley, 288-286. Over-achieving taster center, Todd MacCulloch gagged in the clutch bringing home only 10 nibls Saturday (in 31 minutes of play!) when a lowly 12 nibls would've bought Napa the victory.

NIBL Cat Fight

It wasn't a 2 nibl game, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the most hated and vitriolic rivalry in all the NIBL heated up again last week. Manila bested Cancun 282-260. Running a PG web site as I am, I cannot share most of the email that I received from our two fair Denises last week... here are some edited-for-tv excerpts:

Cancun Denise: Tell that b**** to f*** off. I know she thinks she's all that. Well, I'll show that b**** what a real f***ing team is. 

Manila Denise: She said what?!?! You tell that wh*** to f***ing f*** off and watch what the f*** I do to that sh** su** a** team her ugly f***ing dumba** picked.

Cancun Denise: Oh yeah. Any f***ing time, any f***ing place god**** sl**.

Manila Denise: Well, f*** you and f*** your son of a **** *****, *****... *****!

Whew. Geez. I know both these ladies, and they are just that... ladies. But when the NIBL intercedes, you never know what emotions will come in play.


The NIBL's fantasy league neighbor to the left, the GNABO, has apparently folded. GNABO honcho M. Jesse Jackson released the following statement on Saturday Feb 2nd:

I apologize for the silence from the Bay Area.  Life goes on.

I am sorry to report the demise of the famed GNABO shortly following the tub thumping by Mr. Fenton.  So, I suppose that Mr. Fenton can now claim to have destroyed another Pretend league's will to live. Good work, Mr. F.

Anyway, the NIBL season is quite exciting.  The East/West shenanigans is particularly saucy.

Perhaps GNABO will rise from the grave. We always have hope.

The very best to you and yours,

M. Jesse Jackson, former GNABO champion and runner-up of the WORLD

So, one may ask... did Don Fenton collapse the GNABO as implied by the GNABO hierarchy?

Well, that's definitely not the talk around the water cooler. Talk on the streets is that the GNABO filed for Chapter 11 protection after running out of beer and wine cooler money. This is a striking turnaround from when the league was flush with cash just a few short months ago. The GNABO's take from the "World Pretend" games against the NIBL alone was reportedly bringing the league 6 figures a year from various sponsorship deals.

Apparently, however, the league had invested the its plunder in a combination of Enron stock, dot-com hedge funds, and real estate in Plainfield, Illinois... all investments whose value has plummeted.

I doubt we've heard the last of the GNABO though. There will at the very least be the Congressional hearings, and of course the requisite appearances on 60 Minutes. Should be interesting...


En homage to ex-GNABO poo-bah, M. Jesse Jackson:

"It was fine until that no-talent ass clown became famous"

- Michael Bolton, "Office Space"... on abuse he receives about his name

yow, bill

PS - Congrats to the Patties... the Rams got their prissy little blocks knocked off! He he.

PPS - Next week... the 2002 All-NIBL team!