Feb 12, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

NIBL All-Star Weekend

Drum roll please... the NIBL All-Star team (the guys at each position with the most NIBLs as of right now, week 15):

2002 NIBL

All-Star Team

  Player, NBA team Team Nibls
F Kevin Garnett, Min Vegas 1,267
F Antoine Walker, Bos Aruba 1,149
C Tim Duncan, Sas Manila 1,358
G Paul Pierce, Bos Aruba 1,239
G Kobe Bryant, Lal Diablo 1,209

And the runners-up, the second team:

2002 NIBL

All-Star 2nd Team

  Player, NBA team Team Nibls
F Dirk Nowitzki, Dal Napa 1,112
F Karl Malone, Uta Plainfield 1,140
C Shaq, Lal Walla 1,056
G Alan Iverson, Phi DuPage 1,113
G Gary Payton, Sea Plainfield 1,137

Very few surprises, eh. The only players not taken in the first two rounds of the NIBL draft that made the All-Star squad? None.

Some honorable mentions, or the rest of the guys with more than 1,000 nibls:

  • Seattle: MJ, Was - 1,068 nibls
  • Cap City: Vinsanity, Tor - 1,058 nibls
  • Rip City: T-Mac, Orl - 1,054 nibls
  • West Chicago: Jason Kidd, Njn - 1,051 nibls
  • DuPage: EB, Lac - 1,032 nibls
  • Seattle: Sharif, Atl - 1,028 nibls
  • Diablo: The Matrix, Pho - 1,025 nibls


"If your mother had that attitude, you'd never been born"

- Young Bill Krieger responding 

to daughter Holly's policy 

of only dating young men she finds "attractive"

East Leaders Spanked

The Beasts of the East took it on the chin last week as Aruba, Plainfield and Capital City all lost. Manila was the sole survivor of the East leaders and took the opportunity to jump into a tie for first place. 

Cap City and Plainfield had injury upon injury to conjure as excuses for their losses. Aruba, however, just got out-gunned by Seattle 359-335. Four of Aruba's five losses have come at the hands of teams scoring their season high nibl total. Word on the street is that Thong owner, Bill Krieger, is irritated and nearly assaulted brother, and Seattle co-owner Brian Krieger last weekend over dinner.

This just in... Diablo won again. The Spawn lead the league with a 12-3 mark and are sprinting, with 10 weeks remaining in the regular campaign, to the top seed in the playoffs.


"It's gross to start out with, so why do we need more?"

- Question asked (exclaimed?) by a young lady 

in Holly Krieger's human sexuality class

The Second Half

Ok, maybe it's more accurate to say the last 40%... in any case, we have 10 games left in the regular season.

The easy part of the second half is in the Western Conference. It looks like Diablo, with a 5 game bulge over third place, is a lock for the playoffs. Makes sense though... when doesn't Kobe make the playoffs. The WifeBeaters have a 3-4 game lead over wanna-bes Seattle, Rip City and Nantucket. One of these three teams will have to make a major move to catch Don and prevent his 4th playoff appearance in 5 years. [ As a side note, the one year that the Beaters didn't make the playoffs was their 3rd place 15-7 finish in NIBL 2K... just one game shy of making the cut. Make no mistake West Chicago is the Boston Celtics of the NIBL. ]

The East is probably the best race we've had in five years of the NIBL. The 6 teams (Aruba, Plainfield, Manila, DuPage, Cap City, and Napa) at the top are separated by only 2 games... and they're all over .500! 

The Aruba squad continues their assault of the record for NIBL/game during the regular season. The Thong currently yield a whopping 333 nibls a contest... nearly 30 nibls a game better than the second highest scoring team, Plainfield.

Speaking of Plainfield, the PlayMakers are easily the comeback team of the year. Rebounding from his 0-13 campaign of 1999, Plainfield brain trust RobReed has crafted a high-scoring and playoff-bound squad led by all-stars Gary Payton and Karl Malone. If the Knicks make the playoffs, Plainfield will summon Spree and Camby to the battlefield.

For the East, the second half will be brutal. I love my schedule though... we all play each other the last 7 weeks of the season to decide it all. Go!

yow, bill