Mar 25, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

Injuries Rock NIBL Playoff Picture


They dragged some of the NBA elite off the court last week... along with the playoff hopes of some NIBL teams... well, probably:

  • Cap City - the Tool knew something was wrong with Vince Carter as his production has plummeted since the All-Star break. Well, now Cap City will be getting nothing out of their first-round pick as Vinsanity sits out the rest of the season with knee surgery. To make matters worse, wishful thinking about the return of Antonio McDyess was squashed as he was shiped to the injured list as well.
  • Rip City - Ripper mega-star Tracy McGrady was carried off the court after running into Charlotte's Tractor Trailor, and I can't think of a better reason to be carried off the court than that. T-Mac's bad back is worse, and this hurts the surging Ripper's attempt to catch the evil one, Don Fenton, for the final playoff spot in the West.
  • DuPage - Alan Iverson was really heating up... 100+ nibls last week, eh. The Dick's playoff chances, however, may have been broken along with Iverson's left hand. It's survival of the fittest in the East and without AI, the Dicks may be waiting for next year.

Geez... all three guys are first-rounders. Ugh.

Playoff Races Tight as a Drum

Four weeks left in the regular season, eh...

The low-scoring West Chicago squad finally paid a price for their nibl under-production, and the Beaters lost to spoiler Walla Walla, 288-266. This brings much glee to the boys in Rip City, as their winning ways (8 in a row for christ's sake) by thumping perennially pathetic Elk Grove, 329-289.

The Rippers pull to within one game of West Chicago with a Ripper-Beater showdown scheduled for next week. A victory by Rip City by more than 4 lousy nibls and Rip City would own the tiebreaker over the NIBL's most successful, and hated, franchise.

The East rolls on. Plainfield looks like a lock for the number one slot, and Aruba maintains a tenuous one game hold on second place. Cap City's chances took it on the knee as they lost their game to Plainfield and much of their team to injury. Vegas' run to contend was slapped back by Manila, in the DogEaters convincing 284-223 victory. Napa Valley is struggling and has fallen two games off the pace. It's still all up in the air though... right to the finish line.

Speaking of Posers

My own personal little love note to 2 posers: Jason Williams of Duke and Frank Williams of Illinois.Both guys were heralded as all-Americans, candidates for college player of the year, and each a top five pick in the NBA. 

Well, Jason Williams did win college player of the year... yawn. Duke rumbled through the regular season and then dropped their first close game in the tournament to Indiana. The contribution of Jason Williams, superstar college player of the year when his team actually needed him? Jason was 6-19 from the field with 4 turnovers. The cherry on top was Jason missing a free throw with 4 seconds left that would have tied the game. CHOKE!

Frank Williams was an even greater underachiever. He managed to underachieve all year long. In Illinois' tournament loss to Kansas, the other Illini managed to overcome Frank's 6-18 shooting and 6 turnovers. We (I'm an Illini, eh) couldn't overcome Frankie's last shot choke, however, as he missed a wide open 10 foot jumper from the baseline to toss the game to Kansas. The other four guys on the court beat Kansas; this year's tourney loss belongs to Frankie. Hey Frankie... thanks for nothing, punk. CHOKE!

These two chokers will go very high in the NBA draft this summer. My prediction: their NBA careers will be short, but lucrative. CHOKE!!!


"I just hope we don't lay an egg"

- Bruce Weber, head basketball coach at Southern Illinois, whose team was bounced from the NCAA tourney by Connecticut, 71-59

yow, bill

PS - Yes, the NBA trades played havoc with the stats and team roster pages. Why? Because I am a poser nerd who doesn't know his bid-ness. I doubt I'll have time to fix it this season (again), but I will post the "guys who haven't played yet" in a couple weeks.