Hey Coach... Put me in!

Apr 4, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

Here's the "guys who haven't played yet" list.

If you haven't played your guys by the last week of the regular season, then we'll play them for you! Your opponent will select who is removed from your regular lineup.

Aruba none
Cap City A McDyess (den)
DuPage L Hunter (lal), G Rice (hou), A Foyle (gsw)
Manila none
Napa Valley none
Nashville none
Plainfield T Hudson (orl), K Thomas (nyk)
Vegas T Kukoc (atl)
Cancun M Redd (mil), C Laettner (was), D Fisher (lal)
Diablo Z Rebraca (det)
Elk Grove R Artest (ind), T Hill (cle)
Nantucket R Fox (lal)
Rip City C Williamson (det), K Clark (tor), D Anderson (por)
Seattle B Jackson (sac), T Parker (sas)
Walla none
West Chicago P Garrity (orl)

If your guy is injured, then you don't have to play him/her.


"panties, definitely panties"

- Don Fenton, Jr.

Thanks Donny...

yow, bill