Last Week To Decide Final Playoff Spots

Apr 15, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

We started this whole dealie 24 long weeks ago... this is it. Funny though, there's still some important business to take care of.

Week 24

In the next to last week of the season, Vegas shocked Aruba with a crushing 7 nibl victory. The Thong loss propelled Manila into second place and primed for a playoff berth. 

After the game, we caught up with Aruba owner Bill Krieger.

Cub reporter: Mr. Krieger, what are your feelings on your loss to Vegas this week?

Aruba Bill: Fuck.

Cub Reporter: Ok... um, your team's last three conference losses were by 1 nibl, 7 nibls and 7 nibls... what say you?

Aruba Bill: (intense stare)

The tune was much different in Manila as the DogEaters spanked the once-mighty Tools.

Cub reporter: Denise, this is quite a surge your guys are making for the playoff run... how does it feel?

DogEater Denise: It's been quite an easy season for the DogEaters, actually. There's very little real competition in the NIBL.

Cub Reporter: Well, Aruba has tallied quite a lofty scoring average this year, hasn't he?

DogEater Denise: (laughing) Aruba... we all knew that team was a joke. His name isn't "FrontRunner Bill" for nothing.

Cub Reporter: I see. You still need a victory over Napa Valley in this last week to clinch your playoff spot.

DogEater Denise: You're kidding right! I have already counted that victory and playoff tickets are on sale throughout the Philippines. Napa Valley is barely a team in my mind, and I expect we'll win by a hundred or more nibls. I couldn't possibly take this team more lightly. I guarantee an easy victory this week... playoffs, here I come!

Well, on the other side of the fence, the Western Conference treaded water for a week as both West Chicago and Rip City each won easily.


"See you soon kids"

- engraved message on Krusty the Clown's tombstone

Week 25 Finale

The big games this week are:

  • Napa Valley at Manila - the DogEaters need a win over Napa to clinch second place in the East and a playoff spot.
  • DuPage at Aruba - the Thongs need a win over the Dicks to stay in contention for the final spot in the East... a loss and their history.
  • Rip City at Cancun - with a victory over the Cleavage, the Rippers will capture the second playoff spot in the West.
  • Diablo at West Chicago - West Chicago needs to beat Diablo, and a Rip City stumble, to make the playoffs.
  • Cap City at Vegas - these two 12-12 teams face off... one will emerge a 13-12 winner, the other a 12-13 LOSER! He he.

Good luck to all... well, to some...

Next week... the most anticipated event in all fantasy sport: The Flippin' NIBL playoffs!

yow, bill