Manila, Rip City Advance to NIBL Finals!

Apr 29, 2002... Thomas Thomas

The #1 seeds took it on the chin last week as Manila and Rip City completed 2-game sweeps in the first round of the flippin' NIBL playoffs.

Oh yeah, unbelievable contribution by Cap City... "Anna barely in a bikini" at the bottom of the page! The raciest NIBL photo of all time! Geez.

Manila Looks to Repeat

Manila DogEaters 2, Plainfield PlayMakers 0

It's been a couple years, well 4 years, since Manila won the inaugural NIBL crown. Well, the DogEaters will look to become a repeat NIBL champion after her easy victory over the upstart (and #1 seed) Plainfield PlayMakers.

Manila was buoyed by NIBL monster Tim Duncan. Duncan tallied 101 nibls in the two game set and more than offset Plainfield's big three: Malone, Payton and Bonzi. Actually, Bonzi's pitiful 33 nibls for the series is probably what did Plainfield in. Heck, Bonzi was nearly a 30 nibl-a-game guy during the regular season. 

When asked about Bonzi's performance, Plainfield owner RobReed said, "Somebody ought to change the rules so that my guys do better in the playoffs."

In any case, Manila owner Denise Raimondo was happy, "Plainfield, Aruba, Cap City... was there really any doubt that I was going to win again? Of course, the real teeny weenies are in the West. The NIBL crown in mine! (hysterical laughter)" 

DogEater Denise may sound over-confident, but is she? All 5 of the starting DogEaters that took out Plainfield are on track to advance to the second round of the playoffs. Yikes!

Rip City Humbles Diablo

Rip City Renegades 2, Diablo 0

Sophomore jinx? What sophomore jinx!

Rip City, in just their second year in the league, will contend for the NIBL title. The Rippers demolished Kobe and the Spawn by wide margins in their 2-game sweep.

The recap? It wasn't even close. Heck, Rip City didn't even have his second highest scorer, J Mashburn, and didn't get any hyper-mega-monster games out of T-Mac. The Rippers just applied an old school whoopin' to Diablo.

As Diablo will tell you, he still has a NIBL title. Just not this year's. A disconsolate Diablo Spawn owner Danny Bruessel said, "Man, my baloney hurts."

So, Rip City will continue his dream-like season... 

The NIBL finals begin with the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs. Can you believe how stupid the NBA playoff schedule is? 3 games in 8 days?!?! I thought the NIBL higher-ups were stupid.

Predictions? I have none. I note this, however. Rip City hasn't lost a game since week 13 of the regular season, way back in late January. You guessed it. Rip City lost a two nibl squeaker to Manila, 292-290. The Flippin' NIBL Finals should be equally exciting.

yow, bill

PS - Another NIBL title in Manila? I think that Nancy Kerrigan said it best: Why? Why!!!