NIBL Finals Begin, 2002 All-NIBL Team Announced

May 1, 2002... Angus Podgorney


Rip City, Manila set to square off

The championship supplemental player draft happened this bright, sunny (yet hungover) Saturday morning. The results:

  1. Manila - E Williams, Bos
  2. Rip City - J Barry, Det
  3. Rip City - L Harris, Njn
  4. Manila - W McCarty, Bos

Follow the action nibl by nibl in the Snapshot link.


"Homer, have you been up all night eating cheese?"

- Marge Simpson

Tim Duncan - NIBL MVP

The Most Valuable Player in the NIBL 2002 regular season is:

Tim Duncan (Sas)

Manila DogEaters

2,222 nibls

Tim Duncan, first selection of the Manila DogEaters, led all players in 2002 with 2,222 nibls, playing all 50 games during the Nibl regular season. Yup, for you math majors out there, that's a way cool 44.4 nibl-a-game average.

Two MVP runners-up are worthy of mention because they both broke the 2,000 nibl barrier for nibls scored during the season. Kevin Garnett of Vegas was second in scoring with 2,087 nibls, and Paul Pierce of Aruba tallied 2,027 nibls. Pierce's performance is especially notable as the Thong leader was selected in the second round of the draft.

Also, just FYI... NIBL Rookie of the Year is... (drum roll)... 

Pau Gasol (Mem)

No team

0 nibls 

Despite averaging nearly 32 nibls-a-game for the Grizz, Gasol went undrafted by any Nibls team for the entire Nibl season. This is probably because the lunkhead commissioners forgot to include him on the list of available players. Oh well. In defense of the Nibl patriarchy, however, none of the lunkhead Nibl owners noticed that Gasol was mising either. Yet another alcohol-related Nibl mistake. So be it!


"Oh, and Denise told me to remind you again that she beat you"

- Holly Krieger, daughter of Young Bill Krieger

The All-Nibl Teams

The All-Nibl team is comprised of the most prolific nibl'ers at each position. NIBL 2002's All-Nibl team is:

2002 All-NIBL 

First Team

  Player, NBA team Team Nibls
F Kevin Garnett, Min Vegas 2,087
F Paul Pierce, Bos Aruba 2,027
C Tim Duncan, Sas Manila 2,222
G Tracy McGrady, Orl Rip City 1,859
G Gary Payton, Sea Plainfield 1,844

And the second team:

2002 All-NIBL 

Second Team

  Player, NBA team Team Nibls
F Karl Malone, Uth Plainfield 1,837
F Antoine Walker, Bos Aruba 1, 827
C Shaq, Lal Walla 1,766
G Kobe, Lal Diablo 1,823
G Jason Kidd, Njn West Chicago 1,751

As far as "surprises" go, everyone on the list was a first round draft selection, except Paul Pierce and Karl Malone, who were each selected in the second round.

Also, the NIBL rookie of the Year was (drum roll)

Thanks... yow, bill