Manila Sweeps way to 2nd NIBL Title

May 9, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

So let it be written... so let it be done:

2002 NIBL Champions

Manila DogEaters

Owner: Denise Raimondo


"What... a girl won your basketball league?!?"

- The guy at the plaque shop after I told him to engrave 'Denise Raimondo' on the NIBL plaque five years ago.

Manila Sweeps Rip City

Manila would not be denied on their quest for the franchise's second NIBL crown. Manila won the first NIBL title, and now in year 5, has repeated. The DogEaters are now tied with West Chicago at two titles a piece.

Western Conference champ, Rip City, put up a good fight in the final series... ha, just kidding. The Rippers were thrashed by nearly a zillion nibls a game. No wonder, as the DogEaters boasted a lineup containing four of their regular season starters: NIBL MVP Tim Duncan, Peja, Van Exel, and Kenny Anderson. Speaking of Tim Duncan, he tallied 213 nibls in Manila's 4 playoff games... that's better than 53 nibls a contest. Ay Carumba!

Adding to Rip City's woes, Jamaal Mashburn was a no-show for the finals making the Renegades a a sitting duck for the Manila juggernaut.

"It could be worse. I could be from Plainfield," said Rip City owner Rob Triol. "Just kidding there... um, I guess... I could've... should've... aw, shit."

We caught up to a confident Manila owner Denise Raimondo poolside in the Caribbean where she made a shocking proclamation, "The Nibl title? I already spent that money. I'll decide later this summer whether I even bother playing next year or not."

When asked why she would even consider leaving a league that she has dominated for its first five years, Denise replied, "I'm bored. The Nibl is populated by little boys, and I need a man...  a real man... and lots of 'em. Aruba, Cap City, Napa, Vegas... just little boys."


"Why should I have to change? He's the one that sucks."

- Michael Bolton, "Office Space"

Well, this year was a blast! We'll see y'all in, what, 5 months or so, for Nibl 2003! Have fun.

Thanks... yow, bill